This action was about the impossible, that is, turning plastic into wood. It’s easy to find an old wooden piece of furniture in the dumpster and turn it into something beautiful (unless it’s already beautiful as is, of course). It is much more difficult to change a new bookcase covered with layer of smooth and shiny plastic into something that looks old and natural. It seemed impossible, but that’s probably why we tried it. We worked with rags and balding brushes. It looked better after the second coat than after the first.

After the third coat, it seemed hopeless, but when we looked at the fourth, we relaxed. At that point we changed the rags to brushes and this is how we reached the final stage. The most comforting thing is that any time you can add another layer and improve (or ruin) the effect. It turned out as shown in the photos. I know that I would definitely find people who prefer the original white plasticky version. And that’s perfectly fine with me.