Christmas Meditation for children

Christmas Meditation

by children of the Good Shepherd Catechesis

at Saint Catherine of Siena Church


I think that we have something truly beautiful for Advent and Christmas here. It is what Christmas really is all about.  This ‘little’ Big performance is very meaningful. The children who participate in it, will know, and hopefully remember forever, that Christmas is not about shopping. I felt privileged to witness the rehearsals for 6 Advents, when my daughter Julia was participating in this annual meditation prepared in Saint Catherine of Siena Church by Mrs. Julia Di Michele who runs the Catechesis of Good Shepherd there. Mrs. Julia prepared our daughter for the First Communion and Confirmation. She is one of the Good Souls we met on our path. Thanks God for that!

Mr. Eddie was always there too, with the guitar, talent and wonderful approach to children. Every time I was watching and listening to all that was happening during the meetings before the actual play, my heart was jumping from joy and I had a feeling that my daughter and I were part of something not only beautiful, but important and precious. 

It is not just a play for children. Every time I was watching it, I knew that these very young people were also reminding us, adults, what the Most Important Things were. And here is another ‘crazy’ thought: maybe our culture and civilization will survive thanks to ‘little’ initiatives like this one… Looking at what is going on in the world around us, it seems that it might not be entirely impossible.