Virtue cards. Materials for the ‘Disciple of Christ. Education in Virtue’ on-line course for children by the Dominican Sisters

Here is the link to the  beautiful course in Catholic Faith, perfect for home school: 

I can sincerely recommend it. My daughter is taking it for the third year in our home school.

For younger children there is Education in Virtue course. Each lesson has four interesting components, including the cartoon on the implementation of the virtue in the real life, the life of one Saint with beautiful pictures of the places related to Him or Her. Also reading the passage from the Holy Bible and the commentary by the Dominican Sister, including reflections on the sacred art related to the passage from the Bible. All that illustrated with amazing reproductions of the sacred art.

For older students there is the course called The Life of Christ, also with a few interesting components of each lesson. There is reading from the Scriptures, beautiful sacred art related to it, commentary on the passage and a few comments or reflections from the student.

All this is quite impressive for me, in terms of how well the course is prepared. My daughter started The Life of Christ this year (after 2 years of Education in Virtue) and I must say that, being an adult, I think I benefit from these sessions as much as her.

Link to the courses: