In my Poland

Julia loves Poland.

After all, there are grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, a dog and a cat there. It is much more than just ‘nice’. I could write about how much annual holidays in Poland give her, day and night without stopping.
After returning from vacation in Poland, for a long time we hear from her such expressions as: I was in my Poland; I have seen it in my Poland; this? oh yes, I bought it in my Poland; I heard it in my Poland; I ate it in my Poland; I know it from my Poland.


150 young Highlanders from Poland sing “Barka” to commemorate Saint John Paul II 100-th Birth Anniversairy. This version of “Barka” is so powerful that it gives me shivers every time I listen to it. Every time I hear it, I am thinking: THIS is the real Power…


“Czarna Madonna” sang as a thank you to the priest Father Antoni Zuziak at the end of His 24-years service at the parish in Raba Wyżna. In Poland there are still many great devoted Priests like him and children who can say “thank you” like that. These people are the Highlanders from the Polish mountains. They traditionally guarded flocks of sheep, made amazing cheeses, are famous of the stunning, artistic carpentry (wooden houses and all the furnishing inside the house). And they are very good at music. All of them 🙂