God loved you even before you were born

Prayer card from my family home in Kraków, Poland.



Let the Holy Spirit act within you. Give yourself up to all his transports and have no fear. 

He is so wise and gentle and discreet that He never brings about anything but good.

Father Pio


A man is great not by reason of what he possesses but by what he is;

not by what he has but by what he shares with others.

Jan Paweł II

 (to the poor people living in the district of Tondo, Manilia, 18 February 1981)


Why do people care so much about the beauty of their body, but do not care about the beauty of their soul…

Carlo Acutis


How can there be too many children? That is like saying that there are too many flowers.

Mother Theresa


A bit of science distances one from God, but much science nears one to Him. 

Louis Pasteur